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  • How do I invite Tara?

    For more information, to inquire about how to organize a workshop for your church/region or to invite Tara fill out the Invite Tara Request.

  • How is Tara Browder compensated for ministering?

    Honorariums/Love Offering or a Combination of the two

    Tara does not ask for a specific amount to minister at an event; however, she does ask that attendees are given the opportunity to give to Abbas River Ministries through a love offering and/or the leaders of the ministry prayerfully consider and be directed by Holy Spirit as to an amount appropriate for an honorarium.

    Tara does not base her acceptance of a speaking engagement on finances. She will seek the counsel of Holy Spirit on whether she is to minister at a particular venue. That being said, please do not allow a lack of finances to keep you from inviting Tara.

  • Does Tara need a hotel or is she willing to stay in a host home?

    Provide room/board and meals for the duration of her ministry time

    Tara asks that the ministry, individuals, etc. inviting her to minister assume the cost of her room, board, and meals for the duration of her ministry time.

    ***To offset this cost, Tara is wiling to stay in a host home as long as she has her private bathroom and bedroom.

  • How is transportation handled?

    Provide transportation (flight, rental car, etc) unless she's already within a 6 hour drive of ministry site; multiple ministries can share costs.

    Tara asks that the ministry(s) inviting her assume the cost of round trip transportation for Tara from her place of residence to your ministry site as well as transportation (rental car, pick ups/drop offs at airport, ones assigned to drive her to and from meetings, etc) if needed locally in the ministry city.

    ***To offset this cost, if other ministries in your area would like Tara to minister, they can share in the transportation expenses.

    ***If Tara is already in your region or is within a six-hour drive of your ministry, no reimbursement is needed for travel.

  • Does Tara need a media table/volunteers for her media table?

    Provide 1 or 2 six-foot table(s) for media/book along with 2 people.

    If possible, Tara requests that the ministry inviting her provides one to two 6-foot media/book table(s) and two people to run the table 30 minutes before and 45 minutes after each service. People familiar with using smart phones, tablets or computers, or the Square cash register app.

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