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Tara Browder Media (TBM) is the business extension of Tara's ministry; whereas, Abba's River Ministries is the non-profit one. The goals and vision of Tara Browder Media and Abba’s River Ministries are very similar. Tara Browder Media aims to:

  • Provide Christian teaching resources in the form of books, CD’s, flash drives, YouTube videos, Social Media communications, etc. The heart behind the media is to provide “food”, “healing” just as the river that flows from the throne of God in Revelation 22.
  • Produce media for Abba’s River Ministries and increase the visibility and influence of it.
  • Provide workshops in various topics such as Introduction to Hearing God’s Voice, Healed Hearts / Renewed Minds and more.

Tara published her first book, “When God Is In The Whisper” (2013), in which she teaches through biblical examples and personal stories how to recognize God’s voice. She just published her second book, “Overcoming Bride” (2015). Other media and teachings of hers are available at the TBM Store.

Tara Browder Media's vision is being accomplished in the following ways:

For more information or to inquire about how to have Tara minister at your event fill out the Invite Tara Request.

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