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Tara Browder

Tara Browder is an ordained minister, itinerant speaker, author, and missionary who was formerly a high school English teacher for nearly a decade. She's the founder of both Tara Browder Media (T.B.M.) - the business outlet; and, Abba's River Ministries (A.R.M.) - the non-profit one. She obtained an associate's degree in Christian ministry from MorningStar School of Ministry (a ministry led by Rick Joyner), in 2004. Prior to graduating, she served as an intern for Steve Thompson, pastor and head of the prophetic ministry for one school term. Tara has been traveling as an itinerant minister and short-term missionary for the last ten years.

In 2010, Tara began her journey into full-time ministry by completing a one -year program with Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry (a ministry of Randy Clark). Tara began to experience the healing power of God, miracles, and the supernatural as she traveled to Brazil on two ministry trips with Randy Clark and teams from Global Awakening. As a result of those trips, Tara’s ministry took flight to not only travels in the United States but Japan and Southeast Asia including Cambodia, Malaysia, and the red light district of Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she has ministered and planted a house church. Over the years Tara has seen an increase of the supernatural in the areas of healing, deliverance, and prophecy. Her message is aimed at challenging others to learn how to hear the voice of God, obey it, and live a supernatural lifestyle in their everyday lives which all comes from living a life from God’s presence. She has a heart to stir people’s faith for miracles and to create an atmosphere where Holy Spirit touches the hearts and lives of people with God’s love.  Her current home base is Northern Virginia, US.

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