Experience the love, freedom and miraculous power of God in everyday life.

When not traveling internationally, Tara travels throughout the U.S. ministering in churches, women’s conferences, home meetings, schools of the Spirit, Bible Studies and the like.

Over the last five years she has ministered in New York, Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, California, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Ohio.

Tara’s teaching topics include:

  • “Recognizing the Voice of God”
  • “Living from Victory”
  • “Overcoming in Every Season”
  • “Living a Life Operating in the Supernatural”
  • “Jesus is Healer: Overcoming the Fear of Praying for Healing”
  • “Overcoming Fear”
  • ... and more!

Tara’s heart is for all believers to have Ephesians 3 encounters with God’s love and His miraculous power in their lives. Through her ministry, she stirs faith for miracles, signs and wonders. Her message is aimed at encouraging the Body of Christ to rise up to be all that God created her to be -- A Glorious Bride who knows who she is and WHOSE she is.

For more information or to inquire about how to schedule teaching/ministry fill out the Invite Tara Request.

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