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Whether locally or when Tara is on ministry trips throughout the nation and internationally, she leads personal prayer ministry sessions for individuals interested in pursuing emotional healing and personal prayer.

Tara has had over eight years of experience ministering in this capacity and can provide pastoral and personal references upon request. Tara has been trained using many different pray ministry modules including: Bethel’s SOZO, Restoring the Foundations, and Heart Sync. She has also studied other models including: the Life Model and Elijah House. Her individual prayer ministry sessions have ranged from ministering to those struggling with overcoming fear, unforgiveness or ungodly beliefs / patterns to those experiencing sexual identity confusion / dissociation. Although Tara is not a licensed counselor, she is an ordained minister with over ten years of individual prayer ministry experience, and has worked with and trained others to minister in the same capacity. Tara does not minister alone but ministers as a team with at least one other person who functions as an intercessor and note taker for the one receiving ministry.

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